Standard Trading ERP

Odoo Sales Module:
  1. Customer Management:

    • Maintain detailed customer records, including contact information, purchase history, and credit limits.
    • Categorize customers based on various criteria for targeted marketing and reporting.
  2. Quotations and Orders:

    • Create and manage sales quotations and orders.
    • Convert quotations into sales orders with ease.
    • Support for multiple pricing options, discounts, and tax configurations.
  3. Product Catalog:

    • Maintain a comprehensive product catalog with details like descriptions, pricing, and product variants (e.g., size, and color).
    • Attach product images and documentation.
  4. Sales Teams and Channels:

    • Organize your sales teams and channels to target specific markets and customers.
  5. Pipeline Management:

    • Track sales opportunities through different stages in the sales pipeline.
    • Monitor conversion rates and potential revenue.
  6. Sales Reporting:

    • Access sales analytics and reports, including sales forecasts, order fulfillment, and salesperson performance.
Odoo Purchase Module:
  1. Supplier Management:

    • Manage supplier information, contact details, and purchase history.
    • Set payment terms, delivery conditions, and preferred communication methods.
  2. Purchase Orders:

    • Create, edit, and track purchase orders.
    • Automate order approval workflows and route purchase orders for approvals.
  3. Product and Vendor Catalog:

    • Maintain a product catalog with vendor-specific details.
    • Compare prices, lead times, and terms from different suppliers.
  4. Receiving and Inspection:

    • Receive goods against purchase orders.
    • Conduct quality inspections and record acceptance or rejection.
  5. Supplier Price Comparisons:

    • Compare prices, discounts, and other supplier offers to make informed procurement decisions.
  6. Purchase Reporting:

    • Access purchase analytics and reports, including purchase history, vendor performance, and cost analysis.
Odoo Inventory Module:
  1. Stock Management:

    • Manage your inventory with real-time stock tracking and automated stock adjustments.
    • Utilize various costing methods like FIFO, LIFO, and standard costing.
  2. Stock Valuation:

    • Calculate the value of your inventory based on current stock levels and costs.
  3. Product Traceability:

    • Track the movement and history of products using serial numbers, lot numbers, and barcodes.
    • Implement batch and expiration date tracking.
  4. Stock Adjustments:

    • Perform stock adjustments, transfers, and reordering based on demand and stock levels.
  5. Warehousing:

    • Manage multiple warehouses and locations with ease.
    • Support for cross-docking, drop shipping, and routing rules.
  6. Inventory Reporting:

    • Access inventory analytics and reports, including stock levels, demand forecasting, and order fulfillment.
Odoo Accounting Module:
  1. Chart of Accounts:

    • Create and customize a chart of accounts to match your financial structure.
    • Easily manage accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  2. General Ledger:

    • Record and manage financial transactions in the general ledger.
    • Automate journal entries and reconciliations.
  3. Bank and Cash Management:

    • Reconcile bank and cash transactions.
    • Support for multi-currency transactions and bank statement imports.
  4. Invoicing and Payments:

    • Create and send invoices to customers.
    • Record and manage expenses and vendor bills.
    • Automate payment reminders and follow-ups.
  5. Tax Management:

    • Configure and manage tax rules and rates.
    • Automatically calculate and report taxes on financial transactions.
  6. Financial Reporting:

    • Generate a range of financial reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements.
  7. Budgeting and Forecasting:

    • Create and manage budgets for accurate financial planning.
    • Track budget versus actual performance.

These features in Odoo's Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Accounting modules help businesses manage their sales, procurement, stock, and financial operations efficiently. Please note that Odoo is highly customizable, and additional features can be configured based on specific business requirements and needs.