Construction ERP

Below are some of the key features and modules you can leverage for a construction application in Odoo:

  1. Project Management:

    • Create and manage construction projects.
    • Define tasks, deadlines, and dependencies.
    • Assign tasks to team members.
    • Track project progress and costs.
  2. Inventory Management:

    • Manage construction materials and equipment.
    • Track stock levels and reorder when necessary.
    • Barcode integration for efficient inventory management.
  3. Purchase Management:

    • Create purchase orders for construction materials and supplies.
    • Vendor management and price negotiation.
    • Supplier performance tracking.
  4. Sales and Invoicing:

    • Create and send invoices to clients.
    • Manage payment tracking and follow-ups.
    • Sales order management.
  5. Human Resources:

    • Manage construction workforce.
    • Track employee attendance and working hours.
    • Payroll and compensation management.
  6. Timesheets:

    • Record employee work hours on construction projects.
    • Generate timesheets for payroll and project costing.
  7. Accounting:

    • Financial management and reporting.
    • Expense tracking.
    • Budgeting and cost analysis.
  8. Quality Control:

    • Implement quality control checks for construction projects.
    • Track and manage quality issues.
  9. Document Management:

    • Store and organize project-related documents and drawings.
    • Version control and access control for documents.
  10. Equipment Maintenance:

    • Schedule and track maintenance for construction equipment.
    • Ensure equipment is in working condition.
  11. CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

    • Manage client and vendor relationships.
    • Record and track communications and interactions.
  12. Reporting and Analytics:

    • Generate custom reports and dashboards.
    • Analyze project performance and financial data.
  13. Mobile Access:

    • Access Odoo on mobile devices for on-site management and reporting.
  14. Customization and Integration:

    • Odoo's modular architecture allows for customization to suit specific construction business needs.
    • Integration with other tools and systems, such as CAD software or third-party accounting systems.
  15. Geolocation:

    • Track the physical location of construction sites and assets using geolocation features.