About us

At Mantech Consultants, we understand that every business is unique, and we offer a comprehensive range of ERP business solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries. Our client base is diverse and spans across Pakistan and other countries, with a wide variety of satisfied clients from start-ups to large organizations.

We provide ERP implementation and development services that are designed to deliver effective results, with strong professional skills and technical proficiency. Our team of highly skilled business analysts, technical experts, and developers work collaboratively to ensure that our clients receive result-oriented services that meet their specific business needs.

We have extensive experience in implementing various ERP systems, including Oracle, SAP A1, SAP Business One, Odoo ERP, and cloud Point Of Sale, for different organizational sectors, such as trading, construction, manufacturing, and retail. Our expertise allows us to fully comprehend the needs of our clients and assist them in incorporating modern technology to streamline business processes. 

In addition to providing fully working ERP packages, we also offer technical support to enable our clients to converge from product and service to structural ERP systems. Our goal is to provide our clients with the support they need to optimize their business operations, increase efficiency, and achieve long-term success.

What We Offer

At Mantech Consultants, we are committed to delivering products and services that meet the highest standards of quality, affordability, and up-to-date information. We offer a comprehensive range of business solutions to help organizations streamline their operations and improve their efficiency.

Our services include Retail Management Software, Point of Sale Solutions, and ERP Applications. With our Retail Management Software, businesses can easily track inventory levels, sales, orders, customers, and more, allowing them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Our Point of Sale Solutions provides businesses with an easy and efficient way to manage sales transactions and customer data, while our ERP Applications help organizations manage their resources and operations more effectively, improving productivity and profitability.

We understand that each business has unique needs and requirements, which is why we offer tailored solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each client. Our team of experts works closely with clients to identify their business challenges and objectives and then develops customized solutions to help them achieve their goals.

At Mantech Consultants, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support. We are committed to helping our clients succeed, and we work tirelessly to ensure that they receive the best possible solutions to meet their business needs.

Our Team

Umar Khalid Alvi - CEO

Mr. Umar Khalid Alvi holds an MBA in Finance from Hailey College of Banking & Finance in the Year 2004 and has graduated in Computer Sciences from Punjab University in the year 2002.
Since 2002, Umar Khalid Alvi has been involved in ERP implementation projects and has provided services of products such as Oracle, SAP A1, SAP Business One, Odoo ERP, and cloud Point of Sale of several business sectors.
He has over 17 years of experience in different organizations as an ERP head and implemented various ERP systems for those organizations.
In 2018 he started his own business with the name of “Mantech Consultants”. Mantech Consultants is an official partner of Odoo International.

Faisal Mahmood - Advisor

Faisal Mahmood has been part of Mantech Consultants since the formation of Mantech Consultants.
He is an Intermediate Chartered Accountant at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. His statutory article ship is from S. M. Masood & Company (Chartered Accountants) which is a member firm of Nexia International. He possesses vast experience in the field of financial audits and reviews. He was engaged in Financial System Review and Design assignments for Air Weapon Complex (AWC), NOVA SynPac Industries, Key Social Marketing, etc.

Ayaz Ahmed Alvi – Business Trainer

Mr. Ayaz Ahmed Alvi has over two decades of management training associate for business owners, top and mid-level managers, young officers and student. He holds training for organizations and institutes for leadership development and skills-enhancing techniques.  

Fazeel Shezad – Certified Odoo ERP Consultant

Mr. Fazeel Shehzad attached to Mantech consultants since 2018. He holds a degree of BSC in Computer Sciences from Virtual university, Lahore. 
He is performing a role as Head of Projects at Mantech Consultants. He is certified with Odoo v14 certification on March 2022. He has strong ERP knowledge and a good understanding of Manufacturing operations. He guides clients through the implementation of Odoo ERP. He develops and implements strategies to translate business requirements and models into feasible and acceptable data warehouse designs to ensure that business needs are met. He is capable of adhering to project schedules and effectively tracking their progress to meet challenging deadlines. He conducts data cleaning to rid the system of old, unused data, or duplicate data for better management and quicker access. Conducting training to fulfill their day-to-day activities and providing training on various modules to the end-users. He created Multiple Online Stores on WordPress. He has a vast experience in Odoo and ERP Functional implementation. 

Bilal Siddiqui – SAP Technical Head

Mr. Bilal Siddiqui having BCS degree from UMT-Lahore and MIT from London. He is a part of Mantech Consultants for the last two year and leading our technical expertise for SAP Business One procedure writing and developing management reporting.

Sobia Kanwal – E-commerce Expert

Miss Sobia Kanwal is working for Mantech Consultants for last 4 years. She holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Islamia University Bahawalpur. 
She is actively involved in E-commerce, Shopify, and Marketing Services. Since January 2019, she attached to Mantech Consultant. Her responsibilities are to Develop and manage clients’ Shopify websites. She manages and updates inventories on a regular basis on the Shopify store. With her vast experience, she also creates advertisements for Digital Marketing like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. She also performs a role in managing client queries and complaints, if any client has related issues. She manages client orders and processes them through Google Sheets with relevant terms.

Arslan Naeem – Project Manager

Mr. Arslan Naeem is working with Mantech Consultants since 2021.  He holds a degree of BSC in Computer Sciences from Virtual university, Lahore. 
He performs a leading role as a Project Manager at Mantech Consultants. He fulfills an awesome job in providing his enormous services to clients. He is playing an active role in providing ERP, Point of Sale (Odoo), Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, and HR & Payroll to clients 7 days a week. He has good experience in developing different Scenarios in ERP to fulfill Client Custom requirements and ensure quality control tested products.

Huma Kanwal – Content Writer

Miss Huma Kanwal earned a bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging & Ultrasonography from the university of Management & Technology. 
She is working for Mantech Consultants as a content writer. She has vast experience in Content writing, Theses writing, Research proposals, and Statistical SPSS work.