Point of Sale - Restaurant

Top Features

No hardware dependency

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Works Offline

Monitor & Control your shops from your home or back office.

Touch Screen Friendly

Software Features

  • Order/line Note
  • Product Screen
  • Order Screen
  • Customer Screen
  • Current Screen Lock
  • Product Synchronization
  • Display Warehouse Quantity
  • Promotion
  • Gift Card
  • Gift Voucher
  • Product Brand
  • Show Cart Details
  • Display Stock for Product
  • Wallet Management
  • Multi Terminal Lock
  • Product Load Background
  • Bag Charges
  • Delivery Charges
  • Multi Shop
  • Print Product Return Valid days
  • Money In/Out From Cash Drawer
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Card Charges
  • Loyalty Points
  • E-Receipt
  • Quick Cash Payment
  • Pricelist Extension
  • Order/Product Return
  • Draft Order
  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • Print Last Receipt
  • Order Reservation
  • Session Close
  • Theme


  • Money In/Out Statement
  • POS Graph View Report
  • X-Report
  • Z-Report
  • Product Expiry Report
  • Today Sale Report
  • Sales Summary
  • Orders Summary
  • Products Summary
  • Payment Summary
  • Session & Inventory Audit Report


Point of Sale Login

This feature is use to authenticate the authorised user of POS.
After successful authentication you can go to main screen of Point of Sale.
User can login through the same email id and POS security pin.

Main Screen

This is Restaurant POS Main screen that you can start your selling.

Customer Screen

This is Customer screen that you can set customer’s order and manager customers.

Order Screen

This is order list screen that you can manager all orders.

Payment Screen

This is Payment screen that you can complete the process for payment.

Product Return

This feature use to return product after sale.

POS Graph

This feature show reports for some predefined factors like Daily Sales, Profit & loss, etc.

Broadcast Messages & Multi Terminal Lock

By this feature user send broadcast message as well as to lock and unlock other’s session based on security rights.

Wallet Management

This feature is use for cashless transaction for customer. Customer can add the amount in wallet and redeem as per need.