Education Management System

Main Features

• Student Management
• Manage Attendance
• Timetable Management
• Assignment Management
• Exam Management
• Evaluation Management
• Fees Receipt Process
• Transport Management
• Book Management
• Event Management
• Hostel Management

School Management

In the world, for the world, a great place to learn.

Student Management

Drive your Student operations from admission registers to student profiles with all the information you need, easily accessible. Keep track of students, school, automate reminder, news and update on Dash board when they have things to do.

Manage Attendance

Timetable Management

  • This module provides the features of school timetable management.
  • The user can create and edit timetable of particular class and academic year

Assignment Management

  • Teacher uploads the assignment for students
  • When active button is clicked the assignment is assigned to the students of standard and class selected
  • Teacher can approve and reject the assignment.

Exam Management

  • User can define the exam
  • Exam is conducted
  • User can genrate result

Evaluation Management

This module provides the mention features:
1. in this module we can define the questions which we want to consider in

Teacher Evaluation.
2. Teacher can see his evaluation.

Fees Receipt Process

  • User selects the fee structure and confirms the payment
  • User click on payment button and generate invoice
  • Payment is made by the user
  • User can see his own invoice by clicking on invoices button

Book Management

Librarian can create and update book details.

Event Management

This modules provides the features of the facility can manage event and categories for classes

Hostel Management

  • Student can make registration in the hostel and select room
  • Student confirms the registration and makes the payment
  • Invoice is generate of that student
  • Student can view his invoice

Transport Managemet

Drive your Student operations from transport registration to transport participants with all the information you need, easily accessible. Keep track of transport roots and root points, drivers, and vehicles at a one place from where school can manage and report easily.