Construction ERP


      • Allow you to manage project and work orders.
      • Material requests and consumption.
      • BOQ requests.
      • PDF reports printing.
      • Notes
      • For more details please see screenshots and video

Construction Project – Project Manager

Project manager can create construction project and manage project with different job orders / Issues / Notes etc… Using project as Construction Project we are using all project management features and which will give strong mangement of Construction business.

Project User Work on Job Orders

Each project user will be assign to job orders for that Construction project where he can view full details and documents related to that job order/ task. Project user can communicate with project team using chatter of job order.

Material Planning On Job Order

This tab allow project manager / project user to plan material and products before starting job and they can request procurement / stock department for that.

Material Consumed On Job Order

This will give idea material consumed during job order related to construction project.

Create Internal Picking

Internal Picking Done

Material Request / Bill of Quantity on Job Order

This tab will show all material request to outside vendor/subcontractor which we call Bill of Quantity for construction job order.

Stock Move on Job Orders

Project Manager – Create subtask Job Order

Project manager can divide main/big task into subtasks/sub job orders and assign to users.

Project Manager – Add Notes

This note feature is customized to handle notes for specific Construction project. So project manager can make notes for different projects for his/her to do list and meetings.

Added BOQ Type on Material

Options are Machinery / Equipment, Worker / Resource, Work Cost Package, Subcontract.

This will be used in Material Request / BOQ while calculating total cost for each category/type of material/labor.

Job Order Related Notes

Allow your project user to make notes by job order.


Configuration – Stages

Print Project Report

Print Project Note

Print Job Order Report

Construction Management – Groups

New groups are created on top of project user and project manager role. For example Planning Engineer is Project user and Design Manager can be project manager.